Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Li Chenden

Li Chenden , was an eminent Han Chinese official, military general,late Qing Dynasty in China. He join the Xiang Army to fight effectively against the Taiping Rebellion and restored the stability of Qing Dynasty, and was one of nine generals lead main forces 60,000 occupied the Nanjing in 1864, commander Zeng Guoquan choiced Li is first merit of recovery Nanjing in nine generals, and reported to Beijing‘s government praised him because Li‘s excellent staff ability even generals keep another opinions for Li gained.

In Qing's 267 years, Li was the youngest created Peerage person.

Find Hong Xiuquan‘s body

Li Chenden main task was explode and destroyed the most thick city wall in Nanjing in the world.

19 July afternoon 13:00, the attackers detonated the explosives in the tunnel under Taiping Gate, first time everyman feel light earthquake and lower shout from underground, second time about one miniute terrible silence, and then shocked burst the wall breaking fly 2--10 km far down!

Li led 600 soldiers ran into shout: loudly and combat from there broken wall into city, and command toward and occupied Hong‘s place directly.

Li was second general arrived Hong‘s place on secont day, first general never find Hong‘s body and Li was same, too. Until 30 July at garden‘s someone Chinese pavilion, Li find ground look like newly at pavilion, he ordered soldiers dig there, surprise find naked Hong‘s body by white cloth, body‘s hands on chest and hold a iron cross,no coffin, and body half was decomposition, but shoulders and right ass has meat and leather, long hair whole become white.

Thunderstorm rain

Soon Li reported to Viceroy of Liangjiang Zeng Guofan and commander Zeng Guoquan come here and how to manage this important body,

Zeng Guofan watched this enemy but also some strange friendship with him that body, keep a few minutes silence, then slowly sigh said:, Zeng orded.

Depend on this , it could identify Zeng is not Hanjian--not 100% at least!

Then strange happen suddenly: a thunder broke sky and down here!When they began burned Hong‘s body, former sunny day turned became thunderstorm rain days, it wet seriously pandemic happens along by flood, from then Chinese said 洪水 meant flood.

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