Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Diana Pang

Diana Pang is a Hong Kong dancer and actress, born on 10 November 1972 in Changsha, Hunan.

She was a member of Beijing Ballet Troupe for three years . Her family moved to the USA in 1990, and she entered the Dance Faculty of Juilliard School, New York City to study ballet. She won Miss China USA.

She moved to Mainland China and starred in a Canadian film Chinese Chocolate , then moved to Hong Kong, with her debut film being Wong Jing's 1995 ''The Saint of the Gamblers''. She starred mostly in Category III films, but she never appeared fully nude on screen.

Her other low budget film, are: ''Evil Instinct'' , ''Hong Kong Showgirls'' , '''' . She is now retired.


''Hong Kong Pie''
''X Imp'' - Aunt Fak
''Hong Kong Spice Gals'' - The Policewoman
''Brother Forever'' - Sister Nah
''Loving Girl''
''Web of Deception'' - Jessica
''All's Well, Ends Well 1997'' - Girlfriend
'''' - Sheila
''Evil Instinct'' - Wendy Pang
''How to Meet the Lucky Stars'' - Nurse
''Midnight Express in Orient'' - David's Wife
''Hong Kong Show Girls'' - Tai-Dan
''The Six Devil Women'' - Man Nap
''Dangerous Duty'' - Ling Peidan
'''' - Ching Kwok-Shan/Fun-Fun
''Another Chinese Cop'' - Mindy
''The Saint of Gamblers'' - Hokei
'''' - Chow Mei-Si

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